Prospective Managers - PLEASE READ!


If you are reading this, it is because you have expressed an interest in joining the NEW WORLD ORDER Game World. Before confirming your interest, please read the following and then decide whether you want to participate or not. Once you are confirmed, there is an expectation that managers will commit to AT LEAST one season. Money and time has been invested in making this GW as interesting and as enjoyable as possible, please respect that.


Read the rules. Make sure you fully understand how the GW will run.


Study the teams. There are 100. If there is one team on that list that you really don't want and refuse to have then DO NOT APPLY. It's a lucky dip, there are no guarantees who anybody will get and there will be no special favours. We have tried to include the big giants in the game but also wanted the GW to have teams from different parts of the world. We think this adds to the diversity and makes it more interesting, but not everybody will fancy running a team from Kazakhstan or Saudi Arabia. We get that, but there are thousands of GWs out there where you can choose a Man Utd or a Juventus or Real Madrid.


The idea of this GW  is not to just pick a fashionable club; this GW is a unique opportunity to be a part of something special on Soccer Manager. The list of 100 managers have all been carefully chosen. Thought was put into the teams, ideas have been gathered, and we believe that with your help this could be an awesome GW, but we want the right managers with the right attitude. It is worth noting that should a manager leave at some point (we hope not), then we will implement the voting system to find a replacement. If no interest is expressed from managers within the GW, the position will be offered externally. So there will be opportunities to move clubs, although we won't encourage excessive chopping and changing.

Having read the rules and studied the teams, you should understand this will be a hugely difficult and challenging GW. It may be frustrating at times. The big clubs can't buy who they want, the small clubs started with poor squads, and all 100 managers involved are of a decent standard. So embrace that. We have chosen the managers not just for their ability but what they can bring to the GW. There will be a number of features running and we welcome anybody who has an idea: press reports, journalistic stuff, manager of the month awards, match predictions, incentives to do well in cups, and this blog which is for you to add things on - you could write about your team, your targets, a match, etc.

If after you have read this and got to grips with the rules you want to join, then welcome aboard! The GW will be an ongoing process and requires everybody to play their part. If you have ideas, then share them.

Good luck everybody!